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Thursday, 15 January 2015

A small Heroes Of Might And Magic III XL map-pack (SoD) coming soon (5 maps)

Go directly to the map pack's download:
Tane Norther's Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD) XL-map pack (Download)

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I'm releasing a new Heroes Of Might And Magic III XL map-pack (Shadow Of Death -version) for everyone to download soon at this blog. It will be a small map-pack consisting five (5) XL-sized maps with Underground (usually UG's not that large, though). I mainly have tried to make balanced multiplayer maps, rather than story-based maps involving puzzles and such. So they are going to be rather straight-forward. I like to use rather strict balancing with just slight amount of total randomness. My skill on the map-making  in HOMM 3 is on rather amateur level, but I do enjoy the maps time to time myself, so I'm sure someone else can enjoy them, as well.

I'm still looking into minor problems in them before the release, but I suppose they are quite as close to polishing than my current map-making skill allows, and every each has been play-tested and played through multiple times. Computer AI still isn't best in HOMM 3 for anything more complicated, so AI can make dumb decisions in few of the  maps (well, mainly in Wyvern's Tail Coast, but it's definitely playable).

The XL map-pack will include following maps:
-The Unexpected Guest (3vs3vs1, I still don't believe it's up to par to the rest, being first one made of the batch, but I'm going to include it anyway)
-Caverns of Eden (2vs2vs2vs2 (and maybe 4vs4), lots of action quickly)
-Dunes Of Insanity (1vs3, Dungeon VS. all)
-Wyvern's Tail Coast (2vs2, quite lengthy map with loose glimpses of story in the beginning)
-Star Dimension X (2vs2 or 1vs1vs1vs1)

The Unexpected Guest has been available through this blog before, and Caverns Of Eden (earlier version) has been available through this blog and map archives. The other three maps I haven't released before. As I don't have an own server space, the link will probably be down once in a while when uploaded to AxiFile or something alike.

Stay tuned if you're looking for a couple of new straight-forward Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 XL maps! :-) I might expand the map-pack later with additional maps (maybe! I still like to play HOMM 3, so I may do more maps in the future) and update it's contents to the upcoming official release post. We'll see.

(Below: Dunes Of Insanity's mainland and underground)

(Below: Wyvern's Tail Coast's mainland and underground)

(Below: with Star Dimension X I wanted to experiment bit more) (moved from my other blog:

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