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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Adventure Islands - a new addition for Tane Norther's HOMM III (SoD) XL-map pack

As you may know, the fan-made "Tane Norther's Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD) XL-map pack" of mine has been available for download for a while now. It features relatively quick-to-play XL maps for Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 Shadow of Death -edition. Not too story- or puzzle-driven, but straight-forward maps, which I think are capable for multiplayer, as well.

I have finished a new two-layer (of overworld) XL-sized map for my HOMM III map pack, which was something like three to four months in the making (but not with the full speed). It's a six-player two-sided full island map, featuring three modes: all versus all, three versus three (2 teams), and two versus two versus two (3 teams). This map is more free to explore, less railroad-like upon exploring, than my previous ones. I wanted every play-through to be different than the last with the map, in exchange of losing some balance, so I added more random artifacts and monsters to the map than I usually do. All races are playable, as well.

Starting area is level-set to be easy with poor resources, while a few furthest ends and hard-to-reach middle island always have the better stuff, but the biggest part of the content in between-those areas is totally random. Few quests written tongue-on-a-cheek are available, as few tricks, such as two first towns, which can't build dwelling upgrades above level four (4), and thus you're required either to push further to reach the 3rd closest town which can build upgrades all the way, or find one of the hill forts to upgrade above level four creatures.

Have fun exploring the islands!

"Somewhere far at Eastern sea from New Sorpigal, Enroth, lies unexplored vast cluster of islands, known as "Adventure Islands". Several adventurers of different races before you have tried to conquer it's glory, but have never returned. Can you lead your race to the dominion of the these islands?" (moved from my other blog

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