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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Maps for Heroes Of Might And Magic 3

This section will gather those Heroes Of Might And Magic III maps, which either we have made by ourselves (just purely for the hobby and love for HoMM III), or have been made by the others that we liked and can recommend. It's up to you to decide whether you like them or not. There are enough of websites providing huge selection of Homm III maps without any kind of a quality checks, so we'll try to pick just the better ones by the hand, considering maps made by the others! In order to Horn of The Abyss versions of maps to work, please download HoTA first. It's completely free and awesome fan made expansion for the game.

We gather maps from around different internet sources which allow anyone to download them freely; if you find a map made by you listed, and don't want it to be included here, please e-mail me to We'll credit the original map-makers, in case it's possible to find the information about who made the maps!

Note: Broken links fixed the last on Aug 28th 2018!

The Griffin Tower's own maps:

~~~For Shadow of Death (aka Complete version); the older maps~~~

These are the old Homm III maps made by us, included in our own map pack, called Tane Norther's Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD) XL-map pack, containing seven (7) maps. In short, it's package of maps made by the website's author for vanilla Homm III (for Shadow Of Death or Complete version of the game); quick-to-play, straight-forward scenarios with different themes. Nowadays, I'm not completely happy about the writing and design of some of those old maps, but I'll keep them here, anyway. Feel free to learn more about the map-pack and download it at here! Note: If you have HoTA (Horn of The Abyss) installed, you should always prefer the map versions on below, instead of the previous link!

(Wyvern's Tail Coast; one of the old maps from Tane Norther's SoD XL map pack)

~~~For Horn Of The Abyss (the unofficial expansion); the newer maps~~~
  • Adventure Islands v1.11b (3 team variations)
    • Size: XL (2-sided)
    • 6 Players
    • Modes: All vs. All / 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 / 3 vs. 3
    • Victory condition: Defeat all enemies
    • Description: "Somewhere far at Eastern sea from New Sorpigal, Enroth, lies unexplored vast cluster of islands, known as "Adventure Islands". Several adventurers of different races before you have tried to conquer it's glory, but have never returned. Can you lead your race to the dominion of the these islands?"
(Adventure Islands v1.1 Hota-enhanced version)

  • Star Dimension X v1.04 (2 team variations)
    • Size: XL (2-sided)
    • 4 Players
    • Modes: All vs. All / 2 vs. 2
    • Victory condition: Defeat all enemies
    • Description: "Four rulers have been banished from their home planet of Enroth due their heinous crimes and corruption. Spell cast by an Enrothian arch mage has warped them to an unknown dimension in another galaxy far away. With no return to Enroth, the banished rulers will settle the dominion of Dimension X."
(Star Dimension X v1.04 Hota-enhanced version)


Feel free to donate a penny if you liked my maps (via secure PayPal)
(remember, this is not required, the download is all free, I don't expect to make a dime)
Please report if the link is broken. I don't own paid server space, so I have to upload this to some free file-sharing portal, which often remove their files time-to-time.

Maps made by the others:

Some fine maps made by the others incoming listed here at later time!

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