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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Heroes Of Might And Magic III: HoMM3 HD Mod v. 4.0 RC33 (resolution tool)

HoMM3 HD mod (v. 4.0 RC33) should not be confused with Ubisoft's Heroes® of Might & Magic® III HD Edition (aka Might & Magic Heroes III HD) of the game. HoMM3 HD mod (v. 4.0 RC33) is completely free, although you are free to donate the creator (via mod's start-up client, for example).

HoMM3 HD mod performs as a pre-startup tool for Heroes Of Might And Magic III (get it from GOG); a separate exe.file which you load, and where you customize your settings in prior starting the actual Heroes3.exe through a shortcut in the tool, itself. The tool allows the player to customize the resolution (screen size) of the game freely between 800x600 to 4000x4000, in both: full-screen and windowed mode. In addition player can also apply one of the several filters to the game, which may smooth and sharpen jagged edges in the resolution. In addition, the tool also fixes some small interface bugs of the game, shows bigger sized maps' mini-maps correctly in-game, and corrects some other minor things. It's worth a try!

Download HoMM3 HD mod (v. 4.0 RC33) | backup server

You may like the improved higher resolutions better than the original, although the tool does not stretch town or battle-screens in-game along with the increased resolution (at least we didn't find out it would be possible), which this we here at the Griffin Tower could had hoped for. See the more exact list of changes and fixes that HoMM3 HD mod does below:

  • "Fixes some original interface bugs;
  • 32-bit color mode support;
  • minimap works correctly with nonstandard maps from 1x1 to 255x255
  • extended adventure manager:
    • - 8 heroes and 7 towns in lists, + five buttons from adventure options;
    • - can view hero's current number of movement points/ maximum number of movement points;
    • extended army management (OFF in WoG/TE by default, cause incorrect work with creature's exp):
  • 17 new buttons on Swap Manager;
    • - managing army in Hero-Info-Panel on Adventure Manager;
    • - if moving last army from hero, 1 creature stay with hero and others move;
    • - quick split/combine/transfer creatures by [ctrl]+click, [alt]+click, [shift]+click.
  • Extra buttons ("Load Game" "Restart Scenario", "Main Menu") in the Combat Options dialog;
  • Artifact Merchants bugs fix;
  • built-in Berserker's CPU patch;
  • easy DEF, PCX, TXT, FNT adding/replacing by putting it to \HiResData\Common (which have higher priority than \DATA and LODs)
  • Note: You can turn off most of the HD mod features using Options file \HiRezData\HiRez.ini; 800x600 original game still works as it should after HD mod installation (no need to make any copy for backup). ("

Credits for creating this mod goes for:

  • The creator - Barinov Alexander Sergeevich (aka baratorch, Bara). E-mail:
  • Special thanks - Berserker (aka EtherniDee) and Sergei Rozhenko (aka GrayFace, sergroj). Addition thanks to Diyak (Diyakonu) for idea to exit main menu from the battle menu. Thanks to Sverchkov Alexander for translation changelog in english.

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