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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might And Magic VI: The Chaos Conspiracy (Mod)

The Chaos Conspiracy is a very professionally made large mod for Might And Magic VI: Mandate Of Heaven (download it) created by the fans. The mod uses the original game as a basis; adding a full new story with plenty of new quests, graphics, and other content. The second part of the mod also adds a whole bunch of new unique areas into the game. Presented in the spirit of the original game! Note: English version of the game is needed to play the mod.

About the mod's new plot and story:
"The central game plot is unique, unfolds in nine ‘chapters’, and is supported by a plethora of local challenges. In the Part 1 you will travel along the same world as original "Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven" but then, in Part 2, you will find completely new world, crafted especially for TCC universe. You will discover the legend of the creation of the world, reveal the mysteries, and the conspiracy of mighty enemies. Be also prepared to fight the Lord of Chaos himself in his domain. (

Recommended for experienced M&M VI players who have already finished the original game, and seek for new challenges and adventure.

Download The Chaos Conspiracy mod at ModDB (the final version; includes the both parts of the mod; also includes Grayface's unofficial MM VI patch, and animation patch)
Backup link download for The Chaos Conspiracy mod (not sure if this is the latest version)

(Lets play Might And Magic VI - The Chaos Conspiracy mod by SabreLeonheart)

Credits for the mod go for the development team 
(represented on ModDB as abstract Maestro Team in case of The Chaos Conspiracy for convenience): 
  • Big Daddy Jim - TCC Team Leader, main storyline, programming, voiceovers 
  • Maestro - 2D art, 3D art 
  • Jeff - principal concepts, quests 
  • HodgePodge - dialogs, text correction 
  • GrayFace - 2D art, voiceovers 
  • and special thanks to Oleg Lunin for participating on the early stages of the project. 

Game testers: 
  • Zedd 
  • Lord Godwinson 
  • Klaravoyia 
  • Sir BG

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