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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might And Magic VI - VIII: MMResTool 0.27 (vers. fix2, latest)

MMResTool is a nice graphics mod/patch for Might And Magic: VI - Mandate of Heaven, VII - For Blood And Honor, and VIII - Day Of The Destroyer (get them at GOG), which lets you to run the game with higher resolution than regularly. Development of this mod, as far as we know, has been discontinued, but it works fine as it is (v. 0.27fix2 being the latest release).

Download MMResTool (v. 0.27fix2).

(Running the MM VII in 1024x768 resolution, but you can go even higher than that)

By installing the mod, the game will run at 1024x768 resolution by the default. In order to change the values to use another resolution, change the according values in the mod's .bat file.

To install the mod, extract mmt_d3d_screen.bat and mmt_d3d_textures to your Might And Magic game folder, and then run the both. Notice that texture .bat file may take long while to run before it completes the task.

Known issues:
The mod only upgrades the 3D resolution of the in-game engine. However, it doesn't resize the 2D game-interface and character portraits, so with high resolution they look rather small. More major issue, however, which isn't game breaking; is, that animated 2D background images shown on places such as shops, other houses, and dungeon entrance screens are not visible. This may break some immersion of the game, depending of one's personal taste. The developer was initially meant to fix this on the next update, but the development was discontinued before this happened.

To find out more about the mod's development:
Visit Celestial Heavens forums discussion of the mod at here.

Credits for the mod: unknown

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