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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might and Magic VII: Maestro Mod

Might and Magic VII: Maestro Mod is a large-scale fan-made modification for Might And Magic VII: For Blood And Honor (download it). The mod is built upon Big Daddy Jim's Rev4modR1, which it fully includes, and then improves and expands it even further. Thus, you don't and shouldn't get Rev4modR1 separately. The mod offers new races, class-system (dual-classing), tougher creatures with new abilities, several new quests and storyline changes, new locations, fresh monsters, and more!

Maestro Mod features: 

  • New graphics 
  • New revamped 5 race system (Drow Elves, Humans, Drakes, High Elves, Orcs). 
  • Modified character armor sprites 
  • Modified/changed EVERY backpack item 
  • All creatures revamped and re-balanced, making them tougher; many of them now got summoning spells, new skills and resistances. 
  • Revamped character-class system now with total 9 classes featuring brand new and unique builds.
  • Many other small changes.

Rev4modR1 by Big Daddy Jim features (included in the Maestro Mod): 

  • New quests 
  • Changed storyline 
  • New locations, changed non-used old ones 
  • New bosses and minibosses for monsters 
  • Dual class system. 
  • You can swap your class and learn new skills!

Download Might and Magic VII: Maestro Mod at it's ModDb's website

Credits for the mod goes for:

  • Big Daddy Jim
  • Others unknown

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