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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction (Mod)

*Current status: still under development!*

Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction (also known as Might and Magic 8.5: Echo of Destruction) is an ambitious and large-scale fan-made modification for Might And Magic VIII: Day Of The Destroyer (download it). It's an unofficial sequel and spiritual successor for M&M VIII.

The status of the project is still in under development, but it looks very promising. If you're interested in this mod, then you should definitely visit the following websites in order to follow it's progress and find out more about it:

ModDb's website for Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction (aka Might And Magic 8.5)
Youtube channel for Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction (aka Might And Magic 8.5)

Download Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction (aka Might And Magic 8.5): not available yet.

(Might and Magic 8.5 Alpha Gameplay - Party Creation)

Description of the game's main plot:

"Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction is an ambitious project aiming to create a huge piece of previously untold Jadame history before the Collapse. In general, it is supposed to serve as a sequel to the moment of Escaton the Destroyer's defeat and describes the consequences of the destruction of Escaton's Crystal. 

The world of the so-called MM8,5 includes both old locations of Jadame and entirely new ones, for example, the cold land of Vori the Snow Elves, the Island of Snakes, The Lost City and several others. 

As it turned out, the Escaton's Crystal was not entirely destroyed by the forces of Elemental Lords. The foul monument, serving as a door to the Plane Between Planes was split into five pieces, which were scattered through Jadame and started spreading chaos and death around. 

The shards of Escaton's Crystal opened the gates to the previously unknown dimension called The Asylum, full of strange and bizarre phenomena, creatures and laws of existence. 

Apart from that, new order started to appear on the continent of Jadame. The Necromancers Guild was victorious in a bloody war with the Church of the Sun, and the Dragons of Garrote Gorge were defeated in a fight against the most dangerous predator - the human. 

With the disappearance of the Elemental Gates the landscape of Jadame tends to change, and new trade routes emerge... 

Might and Magic VIII: Echo of Destruction plot is inspired mainly on the fan castle concepts for Heroes of Might and Magic III: Horn of the Abyss, and contains many cross-links with it, which can be noticed easily by attentive HotA players. 


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