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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might And Magic - World of Xeen: Monster Spawn Mod

Monster Spawn Mod for Might And Magic: World Of Xeen (download it) is a one-man-made modification for the game, aimed especially for hardcore players who seek challenge of the game's combat. It adds some hardcore combat elements that were initially featured in Might And Magic 2, including respawning monsters; and also featuring several gameplay balance tweaks and fixes considering weaponry, spells, and monsters.

"Care has been taken to balance the difficulties of the Darkside with Clouds side, so a thirty-minute excursion to the Darkside won't ruin a party's experience on the Clouds side." -Jeff Ludwig"

Download the Monster Spawn Mod (current v.1.0), and have a challenging fun experience with it!

Find out the full list of changes and fixes the mod implements, and mor  at Jeff's website.

(Lets play Might And Magic: World Of Xeen /w Monster Spawn Mod by Endarire)

Credits for the mod goes for: Jeff Ludwig.

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