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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Might And Magic VI - VIII: Grayface's MMExtension v2.0 & MMEditor v2.0

These are two powerful modding tools for Might And Magic: VI - Mandate of Heaven, VII - For Blood And Honor, and VIII - Day Of The Destroyer (get them at GOG). Only for experienced users who are interested in modding the games. Thanks for Sergey Rozhenko <> creating them!

MMExtension 2.0 is a powerful modding tool which uses Lua scripting language allowing you to use internal M&M scripts (aka evt commands) among many other things.

Download MMExtension
Download MMExtension DLLs source code

MMEditor 2.0 is a fully featured level editor for editing the maps and objects of M&M VI-VIII. Note: You will need to have MMExtension  installed prior of using MMEditor!
Download MMEditor v2.0

About usage:
To learn about the usage of the tools (and more!), please visit Sergoj's website at here. In-depth descriptions of the tools can be found on the website, where you can also find the download links in addition to our direct links above.

(MMEditor 2.0; the level editor for MM VI - VIII)

Enter discussion of the aforementioned tools at Celestial Heavens forums to learn more about them, and their future development.

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