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Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Homm map development blog

My personal Homm map-making blog. This area is meant to collect the blog posts and thoughts about my Homm map-making, whenever I'm making a new one and feel like sharing information about what I'm doing, will perhaps release later on. Quickly written blabber, just by the flow of thought. Exactly as I want this section to be.

Making maps, especially for Heroes of Might And Magic III every now and then, has been a fun yet time consuming task. Even, when you make them just for the hobby, and focus on game-play elements and balance, rather than on single-player style story, it can be frustrating task at times. In the end, though, it's usually rewarding to play your own maps (and the others), even when they're far from perfect. I make Homm III maps, but will give Homm II a shot perhaps in the future. The finished maps are added to here:
Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD & mods) Maps download section

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  1. Thank you for your maps, I tried a few of them and they are great to play, especially Forest of The Old Godz, is very interesting design and lots of fun.

    1. Hi, and thanks for your kind comment!

      Yes, I think FotOG is one of the better maps of the pack. The story is so-so as I'm not very good writer, but it functions nicely, imo. I've played it through many times, myself, as well.

      Tbh, FotOG, Star Dimension X, and Adventure Islands are the best working maps, at least in my opinion. The rest are behind. Wyvern's Tail Coast has some issues due stupid AI, which doesn't do simple things it should rationally be able to (red team CPU mostly), which causes some balance issues.

      I'm working with a Giant-sized (G) desert/cavern map for HoTA (unofficial) expansion, but it's coming together very slowly. Never made as big map, so functionality and balance are a question mark. We'll see. :D