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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Map update (coming soon): Star Dimension X getting updated by HoTa

I've been working with my "Star Dimension X" map for SoD version of the game, updating it into true HoTa -version. I always liked the map as the second best after "Adventure Islands" by me; perhaps the best even. That's why I'm updating it into HoTa right after the last one, "Adventure Islands".

Star Dimension X was always a map with rather scarce resources and lesser cities. SoD version has 1vs1vs1vs1 and 2vs2 team versions, along with Plus (+) -versions of both, indicating one extra city. For HoTa, I will update all the same versions.

I'm not making any very major updates to the map as I feel that the balance is pretty good as it is. I've actually completed and am testing the all versus all Plus (+) version of the map, and I'm liking it better with the HoTa update than SoD version this far.

(Another of the two Border-guard guarded hard-to-reach areas; added "Cannon Yard" for artillery heroes, and level 6-7 random dwelling for more worthy re-visit of the area, even if the Dragon City is already emptied)

I'm trying to keep the scarce resources -style of the map intact, but with the original SoD version, the map had a bit on the thin side of resources and external dwellings. Thus, the update into HoTa version will feature a few new dwellings on previously empty areas further of the cities, a few minor balance updates and tweaks in form of adventure map locations added. Some areas are left intact, because they don't need any new tweaks.

Nothing really major, just a little addition here and there from the new HoTa tileset and/or adventure map locations, just to spice up some emptier areas little bit more.

That's it. I think it's all this map really needs, and everything's looking good this far!

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