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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Map Update: Tane Norther's Star Dimension X 1.04 for HoTA is out!

Hey folks!

Another map of my original SoD map-pack, "Star Dimension X", has been updated for Horn Of The Abyss (HoTA) version of Homm III, the absolute favorite fan-made modification of mine; "an unofficial expansion and sequel for Shadow Of Death".

The changes weren't actually very major, so it didn't initially take me very long to do this. However, I was rather busy with other things, so it took me a while to actually upload the new version for you guys and gals. At least, I've had quite a bit of time to actually play test the new version, and I like it's balance. I prefer the new balance and small additions over the old version for SoD (Shadow of Death), and have had more fun with this new version than before. This is also perhaps my favorite map of my self mades, because I like it's theme and design quite a bit.

What's new? New adventure map locations and challenges presented by HoTA are now available. I did add some new HoTA objects to some later-stage game areas to make reaching them more beneficial, but didn't touch balance considering artifacts and items. There are now two Cannon Yards available, as well as a few HoTA dwellings, and Warehouses of Gold (at the locations I felt held too little value); the hardest to reach towns on above-the-ground level have now more improved buildings at the time when you get to conquer them, so that conquering them would be more beneficial. Initially, I felt that reaching them cost just little bit too much units compared to with the fact, that they had no buildings pre-built.

Like I said, minor balance fixes, which I feel made the map quite a bit better in terms of functionality. Watch out the sand-dunes on overworld, as well!

Download the new HoTA enhanced Star Dimension X (v.1.04) at Homm III maps section!

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